At International Contracting, safety is our number one priority. It doesn’t matter if we have to spend extra time to ensure everyone is safe during and after work hours so everyone can go home to their families safely every single night. When working for international it doesn’t matter if you’re on our demolition, site development, or our crushing division safety is our main objective while working around heavy equipment. We have over 25 employee’s that are OHSA certified. We have more than 10,500 hours of safety free working environment because our people are ready and prepare before and after work. Our projects are properly secured and are all met to OHSA specs of safety and health protocols. As a safety protocol our foreman and site supers hold safety meetings at least 3 times per week in order to make sure our sites are running safe and responsibly. That also includes that International supplies all our employees with all necessary equipment to protect themselves out in the field.