International contracting encourages their staff and employees to build their careers into higher ranking positions within the company. This excavation company is built off of our employees, we are OSHA certified and have 25 plus employees all OHSA certified. As a family owned company we are devoted to helping & doing whatever needs done to complete projects and see our customer satisfied and happy. International is the company who takes the projects that other companies are scared to take on. International contracting goal is to build relationships with employees and customers and to have a bond of trust. Our goal and what we pride ourself on is getting projects done on time or earlier than expected but having a great time with our employees. Our connection with our employees is amazing because we’re fair, when they are on a project or a meeting or on site, they are getting things done but having a great time and being safe. Our crews work in a very safe, positive, healthy environment but know our main goal is to get in and get out as fast as possible.