The reason International Contracting is where it’s at today is because of a man named Dominic Bonamase. Dom was one of the most respectable, hard working, and likable person you would have ever met in your life. In 1938 Dominic Bonamase came from Sicily Italy on a boat to America with absolutely nothing. Dominic started an excavating and demolition company called “ Highway Wrecking “ in the 1960 then made the Bonamase name know for doing large Demolition & Site Development projects. If it wasn’t for Dominic coming to America from Italy and working as hard as he did this would have never been possible. Dominic started in business in the 1950s with just a wheel barrel and a shovel but over the years the he started to doing large projects such as tearing down 4 steel mills , installing culverts, starting his own slag yards, and scrap yards. Dominic had a vision and knew that the Bonamase name was going to be one of the biggest excavating and demolition companies in the United States one day.

In 1950 Eddie Bonamase the son of Dominic Bonamase worked for his father and ran numerous projects over the years. After the passing of Dominic Eddie worked at GM for over 20 years and soon retired. Then in 1986 David & Scott the sons of Eddie Bonamase started an excavating & Demolition company. That had the same mentality, dive and determination that Dominic had. They started off doing concrete projects such as pouring side walks and roads.

In 1995 the Bonamase brothers realized they had to go back to the trait that made their name what it is today. They started tearing down Colleges, malls, steel mills, plazas, and shopping centers then in 2001 they starting doing large site devilment projects such as installing & dynamiting a highway in North Carolina.

In 2016 International Contracting was founded by Antonio Bonamase, When Antonio started the International companies he had a vision, he knew that he could take the International companies to a whole new level. When you think of the International contracting the first thing that came to his mind was Effective, reliable, & dedicated. The company started off doing small demolition & utility projects just to get started but he knew that this could be big and over the span of years he grew to 30+ pieces of equipment, 55 employees, and has completed hundred of projects over the years. Antonio father told him “ what you put into this is what you’re going to get out of this” and that gave him the drive to want to be one of the biggest excavating and demolition company in the United States. Growing up around this trait his entire life this is all Antonio knew but its wasn’t easy, he knew that it was going to be a challenge but he was willing to build something his grandfather once dreamed about. With the company rapidly growing in operations in the states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and , Florida Antonio realized he was going to need more equipment and loyal hark working employees. The company grew to 3 different divisions , International contracting, International Demolition, and International Crushing & Recycling.  Antonio said “ As an excavating & demolition company we strive for nothing but greatness, our reputation precedes us. Our employees, staff & other people who work here know what needs to be done and how it we need to do it”. “ We’re not the type of company who shows up and only works an 8 hour day, we show up before it’s even sunrise and we work until the sun goes down”. “ If we tell you we’re going to get it done and one time you best believe it will be”. As a family operated company we are devoted to helping & doing whatever needs done to complete projects and see our customer satisfied and happy. International is the company who takes the projects that other companies are scared to take on. International contracting goal is to build relationships with employees and customers and to have a bond of trust. Our main goal and what we pride our self on is getting projects done on time or earlier than expected but having a great time with our employees.

One of the biggest decision was deciding on what brand of equipment we were going to purchase. “ In this industry it’s all about making money, growing, and building great relations with other companies” – David Bonamase. In 2018 Cleveland brothers Caterpillar came to one of our projects in Pa and spoke to us about Caterpillar Equipment so Antonio sat down with a cat salesman and we spoke about me turning the demolition, excavating , and crushing fleets into all Caterpillar. 

After a week we made the agreement that all of our equipment will be Caterpillar. We started off with a mini excavator and grew to 30+ pieces of Caterpillar Equipment.

International is a family owned business, and together they promise to fulfill all of their clients wants and needs. The company prides themselves with sustainable workers that display integrity and dedication within their job. International encourages their staff and employees to build their careers into higher ranking positions within the company.  

Barney started with his 2 bare hands in business